Our R&D teams always working on innovative solutions

Lofrans boasts an integrated R&D team of more than 10 technicians and engineers, with different and complementary skills. This multi-discipline expertise enables us to consider a product in its global environment and to develop a complete system around it.
Composite materials, textile craft, electro-mechanics, hydraulics, metal engineering, marine glazing are such different specialties, and yet they can be found next to each other on a boat… just like technicians with different skills are sitting next to each other in the Lofrans R&D, mutually fertilizing their specific projects.

Lofrans' Windlasses Components

Being an Original Equipment Manufacturer means being alert to the needs of architects and boat builders who expect us to bring innovative solutions in order to increase their cost-effectiveness and performance.
With the latest Catia CAD software, our engineers are constantly working on tailored solutions for boat builders. This cooperation often generates a custom product which is likely to be featured later in the Lofrans catalogue to be accessible for yachtsmen. Many Lofrans products have followed that course and have become today’s benchmarks on a boat.