Integrated Hydraulic Systems

Lofrans’ and Max Power thrusters created a synergy in yacht anchoring and maneuvering solutions

As of 2013, a strong partnership has been built among Lofrans’ and Max Power thrusters creating a synergy in yacht anchoring and maneuvering solutions.

Lofrans' Windlasses Components

As a natural evolution from simple stand-alone independent units, Lofrans is able to offer fully integrated hydraulic systems for sailing yachts. Whether running winches, windlasses, bow thrusters, stern thrusters, hydraulic davits or complex keel lifting mechanisms, our complete hydraulic solutions are used by many of the world’s large sailing yacht manufacturers. Unique in their flexibility, our systems are built using a common central line principle.
This means any function can be run from any power source thereby allowing a high level of user control. The use of load sensing pumps and valves ensures efficient and silent operation over a wide range of hydraulic flows and pressures.
Our experience in designing and supplying complete solutions ensures that a Max Power-Lofrans’ integrated system will be efficient, flexible and reliable.
Sailing yacht power systems typically include one or several generator mounted hydraulic pumps and in addition will require a DC power pack for silent sailing and light maneuvering. The PowerValve™ power pack range used in our systems, offers exceptional flexibility and power efficiency over a wide range of hydraulic flows.

Lofrans' Windlasses Components

Available as single or twin motor units, each motor pump can deliver 3 flow ratings at two predetermined system pressures, thereby accommodating a wide variety of hydraulic functions.
From high pressure, low flow keel, to a powerful high flow windlass, each function only draws the amperage needed for that specific application.