When the size of a boat increases, so does inevitably the size and weight of the anchor becomes bigger, which apparently cannot be weighted by hand. This is where an anchor windlass takes over.

The task of a windlass is to reduce the effort that is required to lower or raise the anchor and rode of your boat. This can be achieved with your boat’s electrical power or by a supplemental advantage to your physical power.

The reasons you should acquire an anchor windlass on our boat is Safety and Utility. A windlass allows you to handle different anchoring situations – even the most critical – always in absolute safety.

With a windlass, every anchoring manoeuvre becomes extremely simple and remains under your control. No more fear of failing to retrieve your anchor.

Installing an anchor windlass means making an investment on the safety of your crew and your boat.

There are two main types of anchor windlasses, which can be selected according to your boat’s needs and properties.

One type is the Vertical Windlass which features a vertical rotation in relation to the deck which allows a reduced volume above deck as the electric motor and the gear box are sitting in the chain locker.

The other one is the Horizontal Windlass which installed on the deck and features a horizontal rotation in relation to the deck. It is recommended for chain lockers with a reduced height or volume. The electric motor and the gearbox are protected by a cover and they are easily accessible for maintenance.