The finger is broken

Possible causes: 
1.1 Poor layout of the cable top or rolling of the chain has broken the finger. Check out the suitability of the gypsy to work with the finger.

1.1 Replace the finger.
1.2 In the event that the gypsy cannot work properly with the finger, position the replacement kit (cap).


The chain jams 

Possible causes: 
1.1 The chain locker is not deep enough with respect to the
quantity of chain chosen
1.2 The chain is not suitable for the gypsy
1.3 The chain is not calibrated

1.1 Position the anchor windlass in the deepest point of the chain locker or reduce the quantity of
1.2 Change the gypsy
1.3 Check the chain: if it does not meet the tolerances, it must be replaced