Lofrans' HH Remote Control LFR400 for Windlass

Lofrans' HH Remote Control LFR400 for Windlass
  • Designed for remote operation of various electrically operated equipment on board such as windlasses, cranes, gangways, sea ladders etc.
  • Made of high-strength glass reinforced PP combined with a rubber gasket to ensure advanced durability, perfect watertightness, and a secure grip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Solid and durable construction
  • IP67-rated with waterproof plug & socket
  • Flexible cable extensible up to 4 metres (approximately) for maximum freedom on board during anchoring manoeuvring
  • Socket & plug with pre-wired cables for easy and trouble-free installation
  • Parallel connection
  • 4 buttons for operating two windlasses or other onboard equipment
  • Support bracket for stowing

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Code Command Transmission Number of Button Voltage Operative temperature IP protection rated Max Contacts Amperage (A) Weight (gr) Dimension (mm)
60048 Wire 4 10 - 30 -10 to +60 IP 67 2 618 gr 106 x 50 x 32