Recovery Capstan CETO

Recovery Capstan CETO

The new CETO model is a unit built for the professional fishermen used for retrieving clam fishing baskets.

They are assembled using a heavy duty electric motor and gearbox, with the motor contained in an IP67 rated cover to be protected from humidity and sea water, and by a strong aluminum drum able to contain approximately 20 meters of fine rope.

They are available at a power rating of 1000 W at 12 V or 24 V.

The drum is driven by use of a high torque worm gear box with the gear case made in black anodized marine aluminium. The gears are made of special bronze and steel in order to withstand the high stress during the intensive use of such an operation.

The top part is made by a simple construction of an anodised marine aluminium for the base and drum, and a stainless steel AISI 431 shaft. 

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Code Motor size Power Supply Maximum Pull Working load (kg) Working Load (A) Line Speed at W.L Max Line Speed Net Weight Circuit Breaker Construction Control Box
635999 1000 W 12 V 850 kg 175 165 15 m/min 15 m/min 16 kg 187333 Marine Anodised Aluminum Included in package
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Model A B C D G H I J L
CETO 180 25-40 150 Ø60 72,5 256 Ø200 134 157