Chain Counter GALAXY 503

Chain Counter GALAXY 503

Hand Held Remote Control Chaincounter GALAXY 503

This remote chain counter model GALAXY 503 has been specifically designed to give the full control in anchoring. It's a reliable and practical instrument, technologically advanced, specifically design for use in marine environments. The external casing, rated with IP66 and supplied with waterproof plug and socket rated IP67. The extending flexible cable (approximately 4 meters) gives the maximum freedom on board during anchoring manoeuvring. Provided with an evolved microprocessor that offers a series of advantages for full control of the anchoring.

  • Chain speed indicator / mooring length in meters or feet
  • Voltage indicator
  • Up alarm sensor
  • Switch on button / Key tones adjustment
  • High vision LCD display / Backlit display screen / Eight level of contrast
  • Six language menu (IT, EN, FR, DE, ES, GR)
  • Able to control free fall windlasses
  • Parallel connection

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Code Command Transmission Dimension (mm) IP protection rated Max Contacts Amperage (A) Number of Button Operative temperature Voltage Weight (gr)
600015 Wire 155x65x45 66 2 3 -10:+60 12-24 Vdc 710
Installation and User's manual - Galaxy 503 (REV001) Download